Cool WordPress Plugins – Stuff You Should Be Using

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WordPress is awesome, if you want an easy to use CMS that has functionality you would never dream of developing then you need to be using it now.

One of the coolest things about WordPress are the millions of plugins that extend the functionality, there are so many to chose from its a little tough to work out where to start – here are a few of my favourites both paid and free.

I will not be going over them in great detail here and some of them will require further follow up posts to dig deeper in to what they can do. (more…)

New Features of Windows 8.1 – Top Ten Updates

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The MS Windows operating system has been has been about now for almost 30 years (see wikipedia here), starting with Windows V1 in 1985. This was not a native operating system but an operating environment that would sit on MS DOS and would try to make things a little more visually appealing for the consumer to little avail.

I have been a Microsoft Windows user for almost the same amount of time its been around, I remember the good old days of booting up to a nice command line and then running my OS operating environment… I must have installed Windows 3.11 thousands and thousands of times.

Fast forward to now and we have Windows version 8 and the recently updated 8.1.

For anyone who skipped previous version of Windows this may be worth a look, there are a number of smart new features, benefits that could make your life easier, let take a look: (more…)

Home Improvement Apps for iPhone

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Do you love home improvement projects but hate math? Are you lacking the time to search around the home improvement store to find what you need? Mobile phone apps have changed the way we do things over the past several years and the home improvement/DIY niche is no exception. Below are a few apps that are very helpful for DIY projects around the house.

Home Improvement Calcs

There are many calculations on home improvement projects that can be quite tricky if you don’t know the math. Take for example, cutting stair stringers for a deck or porch. This is something I ran into a few months back when I tried to fix the broken stairs on the deck at the rear of my house. I purchased the lumber and got out my best circular saw. After doing some math and laying out my cut lines I fired up the saw, and made all of the cuts. But when I went to test fit my stringers I found out I had cut them all too short!

If I had only known about the Home Improvement Calcs app back then, I would have saved myself a lot of frustration (and an expensive piece of lumber!). The app has a built in feature to calculate the proper riser height and tread depth for a given total rise and run. It will ensure that stairs meet code requirements and you do not waste lumber due to bad calculations.

The app includes calculators for roofing and rafters – convert roof pitch to degrees, slope and grade or back again to pitch. It can do electrical calculations, like determining amps from watts of power and voltage. It has a calculator to tell you how many studs you will need to frame out a wall of a given length.

This app does so many great things that we can’t even list them all here. If you are into home improvement projects, you can purchase it from the app store for $1.99.


If you are a DIY’er you probably spend a lot of time at home improvement stores. The Lowe’s app can make your life easier by allowing you to shop from the convenience of your phone. Say you are at the store looking for a new table saw. You can pull up the app and check out other customers’ table saw reviews to make sure you are getting the one that will work best for you. Or, if you already know which product you want, purchase it on the app and pick it up in the store. This saves time when you are busily working on a project and don’t want to go all the way through the store to find what you need. If you need help with a project, the app links to useful how-to videos and has an “Ideas and Inspiration” section where builders and architects include pictures of their most recent projects. Overall, it’s a really handy app that makes the shopping process go much more smoothly and also contains valuable information. You can download it for free from the app store.

Best Baby Products App

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Having a new baby is a new and exciting experience for any couple. You’re now given the opportunity to raise your own little tyke and slowly nurture him into a wonderful person. But this opportunity is also a challenge as raising a baby is no easy feat. You’re probably going to need help, especially in choosing the things to buy for your baby. You only want the best for your baby and you want the baby products that are safe, durable and made from high quality materials that don’t contain toxic substances. But relying on your own motherly or fatherly judgment might not be enough in selecting these baby products. With the advent of technology now comes a new and innovative way that can help you in choosing the best baby products in the market.

The Best Baby Product app enables you to do what the name of the app tells you. It allows you to pick and select the best baby products out in the market that meet the demands of you and your baby. There are a lot of products that are made from low quality materials or aren’t even safe but marketed as “safe” baby products. That’s why you need to be vigilant when it comes to the things that you buy for your baby. That’s what the Best Baby Product app does.

The Best Baby Products app is an innovative way to compare and see the details of different baby products. This is useful when you’re the type who’s careful about the products that you buy, most especially now that it’s for your baby. The features of the Best Baby Products app are the following:
● Several guides and tips regarding your new baby – may it be advice on the general baby care advice up to the different tips on what particular products to get for your baby.

● Different comparisons on baby products. For example, displaying the best infant car seat comparison chart or displaying the comparative details of baby monitors in side by side descriptions.

● Know a number of tips on how to save more money for new parents when it comes to shopping for baby products.

● Get a heads up on sales and bargains online on baby clothes and other baby products you can find on the Internet.

● You can interact with other parents through the app wherein you can consult them for tips and advice when it comes to taking care of your baby or what products to buy for your baby.

● Access baby product sites and know the details on baby products firsthand. You get to see sites, for example, where baby products like, umbrella strollers reviewed, different brands of baby bottles or clothes with feedbacks from customers and comments on a particular products performance.

● View the video instructions on the Best Baby Products app regarding how to use and manage these items.

● In addition, the Best Baby Products app also features a written bonus baby product guide.

Must Have Gadgets in 2014: Which Gadgets are Really Worth your Money This Year?

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There is only one grand event that every tech junkie gets excited to at the start of every year – the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Featuring the newest and most recent offerings from more than a thousand exhibitors, CES 2014 welcomed more than a hundred thousand visitors not only from US but from different corners of the world. This year’s show surely did justice to its prestige for being the largest tech exposition globally.

Without a doubt, CES 2014 was more than just a random display of products. The show gave the entire world a sneak peek of the gadgets they can look forward to for the coming months. Of course, some of these innovations will be a hit while some may not be massively patronized. Nevertheless, a handful of these gadgets showcase a balance of innovation and functionality you will not regret spending for.

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses. This amazing technology is an android-based wearable computer, featuring a wearable recording feature, monocular display and wireless connectivity designed for professional, commercial, prosumer, and medical use. With pre-installed apps that can be used to record or playback videos and pictures, manage your calendar and link to your phone, this wearable device is indeed like nothing else as of the moment. It is compatible with thousands of Android apps, to suit your needs.

In a nutshell, this product offers the capabilities and features of a smartphone in a hand-free device. Like the smartphone, you can connect to the Internet with this device through its Wi-Fi capability. It also has an integrated tracking and GPS system for direction.

Fitbit Force. Undeniably, wearable fitness and wellness technologies have dominated CES 2014. Even as the health technology market becomes more saturated, Fitbit Force still manages to stand out and distinguish itself. The latest offering from the current market leader, Fitbit Force is a wristband that monitors your physical activities and sleeping habits. Force is even a much improved version to the earlier-introduced Fitbit Flex because of the newly-added altimeter. Your Force wristband can track the steps you’ve climbed and distance you’ve walked. It also records your health statistics such as weight, blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose. Plus, all of these records can be synced to your smartphone. With all of its features, there is no doubt that Fitbit Force is a must-have gadget for health buffs and athletes.

Mophie Space Packs. In 2013, powerbanks became tremendously popular. For this year, Mophie raises the bar higher by offering a powerbank that will also resolve another concern with smartphones – low internal data storage. By using Mophie Space Packs with your iPhones, your phone usage will not just be uninterrupted but will also be unlimited. You can download more files, take photos and shoot videos without having to delete some of those exciting files in your phone. These Space Packs are available in 16GB and 32GB choices. Currently, they only work with iOS. Business executives and professionals who are always on-the-go should get their own Mophie Space Pack.

Oculus Rift. Definitely, Oculus Rift promises a magic want that can turn virtual reality into actual reality. The virtual reality goggles features positional tracking, allowing you to move your head without resulting to motion blur. This gadget offers gamers a fully immersive experience into the virtual world. Experts are even citing Oculus Rift as the bomb that could start the era of virtual reality. Even critics that have tried the gadget at demos have been transformed into believers.

It is no longer a question that technology has changed the course of the world. These and the other gadgets may have different functions and features. You can also use a very handy service Flvto Converter to download any music from youtube to your device and enjoy it on the way.

As long as they do not deviate from their ultimate purpose of improving people’s lives, these innovations will surely be a much-appreciated treat.

Consumer Benefits of Virtual Try-on Software

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In recent years, a new and exciting software trend has emerged that is completely revolutionizing the way in which we purchase products online. It has been a slow and steady progression as more and more stores have resorted to selling more of their items through personalized web stores that contain a list of all products, and a virtual shopping cart to store all of the consumer’s potential purchases. Once again, the physical world is turning to the digital world to make life easier for both the consumer and manufacturer. In many ways this has helped to reduce overhead costs of storing all products in a store where employees are required to be hired to maintain the flow of the store. Putting more of the products online, and pushing people to use the web store has significantly decreased costs and made it more reliable and efficient for everyone.

Software designers have started to take it to the next level, by offering consumers a new way to shop online that allows them to truly and virtually understand what it is that they are purchasing. And this is capable of happening right there from the comfort of the consumer’s own home on his or her personal laptop computer. What better way to shop then from the familiar surroundings of your own house? After all, one of the perks of being internet savvy is having the ability to browse the digital space without having to leave your house for items and products that your grandparents once had to.

The concept of virtual try-on however, takes it to an entirely new level and on a completely different scale than anything these online storefronts have done before. One of the primary complaints of most people when it comes to shopping online is that they do not know exactly what they are in store for. And by that, we mean that they are uncertain whether or not something is worthy of their investment. This is especially true when it comes to accessories such as designer eyewear.

You can begin to understand how revolutionary this is, especially for glasses. You no longer have to migrate to the store and deal with the hassle of trying on multiple pairs of eyewear. With virtual try-on you are capable of simply uploading a photo of yourself to the site and browsing through various selections of glasses and other eyewear to determine which one looks the best on you. We have seen similar products on the market, like hairstyle generators or clothing generators, that allow you to see how certain hair and fashion styles will look on you. The software functions by overlaying different eyewear frames onto the image of your face, and it allows you to sift through the various styles offered with relative ease. It is as simple as clicking a button.

Another great aspect about this is that if you wear prescription lenses, and you are accustomed to trying on frames in an eye doctor’s office without your glasses on, then you are already aware of how difficult of a task this can be. Nothing is harder than trying to see how you look without 20/20 vision to help support your decision. Virtual try-on eyewear completely eliminates this problem, which makes it a lot easier and much more efficient for consumers.

Microsoft’s Latest Announcements

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xbox(0).jpgMicrosoft has been in the news a lot lately from the announcement of Phil Spencer to Head of Xbox, upgrades to Windows 8.1 OS, the introduction of Cortana and additional payment options for corporations using Microsoft’s flexible payment solutions.

Phil Spencer Named Head of Xbox

In his new role Phil Spencer will drive Xbox’s products vision.  Phil will take the feedback he has received from the fans of Xbox and asks for gamers to continue the feedback.

While Phil did not provide any announcements about Xbox1, he did say that there is a great team at Microsoft thinking about what will come next for Xbox.  Phil is focusing a lot his time on E3 and wants to make sure the fans know what the changes are for Xbox and why they are at E3.  Phil said there is a lot of great work that was done this year and is excited about what will be coming next and introduced at E3.

Cortana Looks to Take on Siri

Cortana is Microsoft’s attempt at a voice-activated VA similar to Apple’s Siri.  For those of you who are Halo fans, you will be familiar Cortana who was the inspiration for Microsoft.  Cortana will be powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine and she will base her searches on search behavior.  The more you use Cortana the more she will learn about your preferences and will check in with you to make sure what she has found meets your needs.  Cortana will also provide you with updates and information throughout the day of the things you like and care about.

Windows 8.1 Updates Provide Easier Use and Improved Features

Microsoft has also announced additional changes to their Windows 8.1 OS for businesses and consumers as well as a new Windows Phone OS with Windows Phone 8.1.  These update provides more commonalty and experience of the software and its features across devices such as notebooks, tablets, desktops and phones.

Some of the update features are an improved UI (user interface) for keyboard and mouse users.  Users will now have the ability to access the taskbar from any screen.  Users will now also be able to pin Windows Store apps right the taskbar.  In addition to the changes above, Microsoft also announced changes that will enhance performance and compatibility to IE 11.

Microsoft highlighted several major corporations migrating from Windows XP to Windows 8 in order to gain and take advantage of the enhanced OS.  Resona Holding Inc. which is one of Japan’s top five banking groups recently completed a migration of 30,000 seats within their company. Resona was able to deliver significant cost savings while increasing its overall compliance with the addition of BitLocker.  For those not familiar with BitLocker, it is an encryption technology that allow for stronger security for your companies computer environment.

The Windows 8.1 update is currently available on MSDN and TechNet.  You can also get the update via Windows Update (WU) beginning on April 8th and later this month for volume licensing customers which delivers these enhance and powerful capabilities for your enterprise.

  1. Belter Internet Explorer Compatibility
  2. UI Improvements
  3. Mobile Device Management
  4. Easier Deployment
  5. Low-Cost & Latest Hardware Support

If your company is looking to upgrade to the new Windows 8.1 OS; however, do not have an available budget to do so right now, do not worry.  Microsoft offers a variety of payment solutions via their Microsoft Payment Solutions team.

Windows Phone 8.1 delivers Enterprise Mobility

The latest OS for the Windows phone delivers productivity and efficiency across all of you mobile devices.  The OS increases the manageability and security of your smartphone with new and enhanced features.  The features include:

  1. Mobile Device Management
  2. Windows Application Platform Convergence
  3. Security
  4. Assigned Access
  5. Enhanced Application Management
  6. Certificate Management
  7. Enterprise VPN and Wi-Fi

Several companies have already announced the migration to Windows Phone 8.1 including British Telcom.  BT is one of the largest multinational telecommunications company in the world.  They will be migration 5k devices to Windows Phone 8.1 in calendar year 2014.

We look forward to seeing the next generation of Microsoft products and offerings.

Securing your data with a VPN

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Online Security on-the-move

We all take on my security far more seriously than we did a few years ago. Following the revelations by Edward Snowden, the NSA and Great Britain’s GCHQ have been shown to have been intercepting network traffic for a number of years. Those revelations are likely to have lasting repercussions. Even if you feel you’re not a target of Government based signals intelligence, we’re all using the internet now for far more of our personal and business administration. This raises the risk that we are inadvertently revealing a great deal of personal information to those who can use it for profit or against us.

Secure thy Data

One popular method of securing your data online is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN encrypts all data from a laptop or mobile, and sends it in a format that cannot be intercepted, to a location which is remote from the user and obscured from detection. In this way both your geo-location, and your data, is secure.

Once previously the domain of hackers and privacy enthusiasts, VPNs are now a ubiquitous technology in use by traveling salesman, students away from home, Business people surfing on public Wi-Fi hotspots, and those generally concerned with the security of their own personal data.

Trust, and Verify

Unfortunately simply having a VPN running isn’t it by itself enough. Third parties generally provide VPNs as a service, and so there are a number of areas that still need careful consideration:

  1. Where is the VPN service provider based? If it’s in a country with privacy laws which allow data interception, then your data is still at risk.
  2. What is your VPN service provider’s policy on keeping logs? Logs are required to run a good and reliable service. However by their nature, this data can be show patterns of online activity. If a VPN service holds logs for more than couple of days at a time and you’re still at risk.
  3. Where are VPN servers kept? Remember although your data is encrypted in transit, once it’s on the VPN server it’s decrypted and held in plaintext. If the server itself isn’t secure, neither is your data.


Then there’s the cost. As with most things in software there are some free alternatives. These can vary significantly in quality. For the do-it-yourself approach openVPN provides the bare software. However setting up openVPN is certainly not easy, and it’s possible to think you’re protected when you’re not. This is perhaps the most dangerous situation to be in because the feeling of security itself can alter your behavior online.

One step up from openVPN is to set up your own VPN server at home. This is best done by setting up a server at home, creating a static IP address for it, and then logging in to VPN to that server whenever you’re on any other network. You’re in control of the traffic at all times.

However, one of the benefits of using VPN is that it obscures your location. Using your own VPN server from home somewhat defeats the purpose.

Perhaps the best of the paid for VPN services is airVPN. Run by a bunch of enthusiasts on a mission and originally set up as a free service they’ve moved to a subscription because of their popularity. However, they still have the ethos and enthusiasm of a small open source team. They also use the openVPN software, which is considered robust, do not store log data and keep their servers in countries with strong privacy laws.

Of the commercial options HMA Pro is the best all-rounder. They have the greatest number of servers and offer the greatest number of temporary IP addresses, and so can offer security through obscurity at a low cost. In the past HMA have been known to hold log data and known to hand it over to authorities. However in terms of securing data from hackers, this is probably still the best option.

For those with deep pockets and extensive time at the hands there is also a possibility of leasing a VPN server in a foreign country. This gives the benefit of complete security, does not open up the risk of the service provider handing over your data, but does not necessarily protect you from physical hack attack. It’s unlikely you’ll ever go to location your servers held in, and therefore must take as read that it’s physically secure.

Whichever option you choose, it’s highly recommended that you do use some form of network security to keep your personal data. VPN’s offer a relatively quick and painless method of doing so.

Apps Available to Monitor Your Fitness Level and Activity

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In this era of modernization and globalization, life has become very busy with work, career and money. Beyond this there seems no time to go for the other important daily activities such as the importance of a healthy and fit life. Though people understand the importance of workouts, their busy schedule keeps them away from that. In these situations when you cannot afford to go to a gym and you want to know how much physical activity you are getting in everyday life, the new fitness gadgets can assist in providing this information. There are a great deal these such gadgets flooding the marketplace. Though these gadgets make giant promises, only a few of them are really helpful in tracking your activity. Below are my recommendations based upon the products available in 2014.

1. Nike+ Fuel-band: This is a wrist band which is of a great utility. This comes for approximately $149. This gadget keeps track of your regular activities like walking, jogging, cycling, climbing stairs etc. against your calories burnt. You can tabulate your daily records either on your computer excel sheet or phone for records and for comparison. You can create an analysis of your burnt calories against your calorie intake. With good analysis and justified results you may adjust your calorie intake. The mood tracker keeps a log of your frame of mind and your activity performance.

2. FitBit:The most astounding feature of this gadget is that it can track your activities during your sleep. It measures the length or duration of your sleep and also the quality of sleep you perceived the previous night. It takes track of the twist, turn and toss you make whilst asleep. By analysing these sleep movements it provides you a sleep index for the previous night. This gadget keeps track of your regular activities like walking, jogging, cycling, climbing stairs etc. against your calories burnt. You can tabulate your daily records either on your computer, excel sheet or phone for records and for comparison. We can use the Aria wi-fi meter to calculate the percentage of weight change over time. It works in principle by staying in touch with your body weight and BMI.

3. Withings Pulse: This is one of the tiniest devices which can measure your heartbeat rate. It may be used during a workout, jogging or even times of stress. You can compare and analyze your heart rates against your best fitness level and check the difference. This can be done by just pressing your finger on the rear side of the device. This device is digital and the values are displayed on the LCD Screen. The results are quite significant and can be used to decipher your own particular heart beat rate so that you can stay relaxed. An application called MyFitnessPal partner can be used which amalgamates the world’s major food products, as a calorie database.

4. Basis B1 Band: Basis B1 Band is a great value wrist band. This is one of the most popular gadgets that are chosen by bicycle riders. It is a multi purpose gadget which is awesome in measuring heart beat rate, calorie burnt, skin temperature, perspiration and also sleep. During sleep it is on the lookout for noise and movement to measure the quality of sleep. This gadget keeps track of your standard activities like walking, jogging, cycling, climbing stairs etc. against your calories burnt. For the cyclist who needs to know their exercise level and changes over time, this is a must have item.

5. Jawbone UP: Although UP suffered a few drawbacks during its initial release in the market, it improved significantly in its second release. It is a wrist band which can track your daily activities, the intensity of your sleep, your food intake and also your mood. Your happiness, your calorie intake and calories burnt are monitored in real time for your analysis. Once the battery of this wrist band is charged it lasts for an entire week. The wrist band is lustrous, fashionable and also waterproof which is handy when doing outdoor tasks such as car cleaning or using a pressure washer. This is a good all round product.

Why 2014 Will Be The Year Of The Tablet Computer

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According to most industry analysts, 2014 is set to be the year of the tablet computer. Tablet sales during 2014 are predicted to account for more than 50% of total computer sales – with tablets outselling desktops and laptops combined.

When you remember that the original Apple iPad, the first tablet computer to hit the market, launched as recently as April 2010 that is very definitely a noteworthy result. In fact, until very recently, even early adopters and committed gadget heads tended to view tablets as add on devices which could supplement a desktop or notebook, but not really fully replace it.

So what changed? Why are so many prospective buyers suddenly turning to tablet computers as their number one computing choice in preference to a desktop or a notebook?

Processing Power
Tablet computer processing power has definitely taken a step up. Both Amazon and Google (Asus) are now fitting quad processors in their tablets, and Apple’s new A7 processor also has plenty of oomph on offer.

Today’s tablets are every bit as powerful as the notebooks and desktops of just a few months ago. Tablet owners are effectively getting desktop power – but in a device that can be held in one hand and popped into a briefcase, or even a purse.

With the exception of Apple, whose customers probably aren’t strongly price driven anyway, tablet prices have fallen quite a bit over the last few months. There are some real bargains to be had in the smaller, 7″ tablet market right now. In fact, some entry level tablets are at, or below, the price of relatively simple e-readers.

More power for less money. It’s not too hard to see the appeal is it?

Usability and Wide Audience Appeal
With their touch-screen controls and well laid out user interfaces, tablet computers are easier to use than most desktops and notebooks. That means that they appeal to a much larger audience than standard computers.

Many people who would not normal enjoy using a computer, or who might even avoid computers altogether, seem to be perfectly happy to grab a tablet and start swiping away.

Tablets also seem to be used by a very wide age range. I have personally seen children as young as 3 using tablets. At the other end of the scale, more and more senior citizens are using tablets as a way to keep up to date with events and to stay in touch with friends and family.

Reasons For the Success of Tablets in Summary
So there you have it; just some of the reasons why tablet computers look set to outsell desktops and notebooks in 2014. Lower prices, increased power and widespread appeal means that tablet computer sales will continue to grow exponentially throughout 2014 and beyond.

Business users will, in all likelihood, continue to opt for notebooks and desktops – for a while at least – but for many people, a tablet computer offers power, versatility and convenience at a very good price point. That’s why tablets are taking over right now.

The Apple iPad will continue to be the market leader and dominate the market throughout 2014. Whether or not it’s the best tablet for the money is open to debate, but Apple will remain king of the hill for the foreseeable future.

Nevertheless, Amazon, Google and Samsung all have very strong offerings – along with their own armies of devoted fans. The importance of the market and the high level of competition means that consumers can look forward to further downward pressure on prices and increased functionality during the course of the next few months.

What Is The Most Secure Online Backup Provider?

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réseaux sociauxOne of the most common questions surrounding online backup solutions is just how secure they are.

After all, if you’re worried about protecting your photos, videos and other documents, it does seem rather illogical to send them off across the internet to be stored in an unknown location.

It’s also one of the most common arguments used by people who don’t regularly back up their computer – quite simply they feel unsafe exposing their sensitive files to the vagaries of the internet.

However the truth is that all the major online backup providers use a variety of strategies to help protect your backed-up files from prying eyes and keep them safe and secure at all times. They know just as well as you do how important the security of your files really is.

However among these various security factors, the one which has the largest impact is known as “encryption”. In layman’s terms, the process of encryption uses a “code” to turn your original files into something totally different that makes little or no sense to anyone else. Only by having a copy of the encryption key is it possible to turn your files back into their original, readable, usable form.

The code is so long and complex that it’s virtually impossible to guess, helping to keep your files safe and secure in the cloud.

In essence, when you’re backing up your computer, the cloud storage company you’ve chosen encrypts your files before they even leave your computer. They’re then sent across the internet to a secure location where they are stored in this “unreadable” format. As a result even if anyone managed to crack your password and download your files they’d be less than useless.

Then, if and when you ever need to download your carefully stored files, your backup is downloaded and then unencrypted on your computer, rendering your files ready for use by you once again.

It’s a simple yet highly effective way to beat internet crime and protect your computer from any unauthorized access.

Of course there are several “types” of encryption available, which differ by their complexity. The longer the “code” is that’s used to encrypt your data, the more complicated it is and the more secure your data will be.

Most online stores use a level known as “128-bit SSL”. This is generally agreed to be perfectly acceptable to encrypt highly sensitive information like credit card numbers, names and addresses. In other words, if you’ve ever bought something online you’ve trusted your personal information to 128-bit encryption and suffered no problems.

However a few online storage companies take this a step further and use an even higher level of encryption – 256-bit or even higher – meaning that the photos of your cats and that video of you on vacation have a higher grade of protection than most online banking transactions. In other words, they’re very, very secure indeed!

But if you’re concerned about cloud storage security it’s not enough to know that these facilities exist – it’s also nice to know who actually provides them so you can select online the most secure option of all.

A useful tool to analyze these security levels is the largest database of online backup providers around which allows you to search and sort through dozens and dozens of different backup providers. In doing so you can find those that only offer the very highest levels of online security.

However digging deep into the results of the database it seems that at present, when comparing all the major online backup companies, the one using the highest level of encryption around is the ever-popular Livedrive.

So if security is a major concern of yours – despite the fact that all the well-known brands use bank-level encryption at a minimum – you’d be well advised to select this option, safe in the knowledge that they offer more protection than any other provider on the market.

Are People Judging You On Instagram By Your Popularity?

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Social media has brought another dimension to human life, not only in interaction but also in business and in other aspects of life. Instagram is one such social media platform where people get the opportunity to post photos, videos and even share them with friend and family on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

People join Instagram for a number of reasons but for many, it’s to build a network and boost their popularity among friends, colleagues and family. However, for some people the outcome is opposite. They are either stagnant or reducing in popularity. It may also surprise you that you are losing some followers that you already had. The question that begs is why is this happening? Do people judge you on Instagram by your popularity?

The Concept of Social Proof

The answer to the above questions is yes. People actually do judge others on Instagram based on their popularity. It can be explained by the concept of social proof. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which people assume that the actions of others reflect the right behavior in a given situation.

In simple terms, the people you are interacting with in social media have no way of determining who you are. Therefore, they are forced to assume that the people surrounding you know you better. When it comes to Instagram, people will judge you based on the number of followers you have as well as the number of people who like the photos and videos you post.

Why Does This Happen?

Another question is why people do this. It can be better understood through the phenomenon of crowd mentality (herd behavior). In our everyday life, we encounter situations where people we know tend to favor one particular issue. Even if we do not understand it ourselves, we tend to be persuaded to pick the option favored by the majority. For example, if a clothing style enters the market and we see our friends wearing it, chances are we’ll follow them.

The same applies to Instagram and other social media sites and platforms. If other users of Instagram do not see many followers on your profile and that few or no one tends to like your photos and videos, they are likely to avoid your profile. Even you may not be ready to follow someone on Instagram if he or she only has a few followers and likes to their photos/videos.

What Is The Effect And What Can You Do About It?

Social proof on Instagram can be a double-edged sword depending on how you view it. It works positively for those with many followers. In many cases, the judgment passed by these people on you is incorrect or mistaken. They make you feel lonely, unsociable and unappreciated. The problem is that you have no control over what they think and do and so it is impossible to change their perception of you.

The only thing you can do is to start doing things differently. One way is to buy Instagram followers and/or likes, especially if you have a brand new account. There are sites out there where you can buy Instagram followers and likes for as little as $3.99. It’s just one way to give your account a boost in followers and likes. However, you don’t want to be too reliant on buying followers and likes. In the end, you want people to genuinely like you and your posts.