Cool WordPress Plugins – Stuff You Should Be Using

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WordPress is awesome, if you want an easy to use CMS that has functionality you would never dream of developing then you need to be using it now.

One of the coolest things about WordPress are the millions of plugins that extend the functionality, there are so many to chose from its a little tough to work out where to start – here are a few of my favourites both paid and free.

I will not be going over them in great detail here and some of them will require further follow up posts to dig deeper in to what they can do. (more…)

New Features of Windows 8.1 – Top Ten Updates

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The MS Windows operating system has been has been about now for almost 30 years (see wikipedia here), starting with Windows V1 in 1985. This was not a native operating system but an operating environment that would sit on MS DOS and would try to make things a little more visually appealing for the consumer to little avail.

I have been a Microsoft Windows user for almost the same amount of time its been around, I remember the good old days of booting up to a nice command line and then running my OS operating environment… I must have installed Windows 3.11 thousands and thousands of times.

Fast forward to now and we have Windows version 8 and the recently updated 8.1.

For anyone who skipped previous version of Windows this may be worth a look, there are a number of smart new features, benefits that could make your life easier, let take a look: (more…)

Use Your Smartphone to Change Your Life

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We have reached a time where most people have a phone on hand at all times. With every passing year, a larger percentage of those people are carrying smartphones. Smartphones give you access to the Internet and hundreds of thousands of apps that can simplify your life. If you have never given serious thought to how you can use those apps to change your life in a significant way, right now is the time to do that.

Fitness from Your Phone

How would your life change if you could lose the excess weight, pump up your muscles or ditch the flab for a well-toned physique? There was a time that you needed to pay hundreds of dollars to a gym or hire a personal trainer to get in shape, but all you need today is a cell phone and an app that provides daily guidance and accountability.

Anyone can lose weight by walking, but an app that tracks your routes and allows you to share with social media can provide the motivation you need to workout consistently. The Map My Fitness app does that, and it allows you to find walking or jogging routes when you are away from home. Add the 7-Minute Workout app from Johnson & Johnson to design brief strength-training workouts for a well-rounded fitness program that will cost you less than $6, which is the cost of the Johnson & Johnson app.

If you do workout at a gym or other location outside of your home, Gym Pact is a new app that claims to pay you to get fit. The catch is that they monitor your location during planned workout times and will charge your credit card if you don’t follow through with your fitness commitments. Those who keep their workout dates are paid by funds withdrawn from those who don’t.

There are many other apps that will help you stick to your diet goals or change your eating habits. Combine those with fitness apps for a winning combination that could change your life by changing your health and increasing your energy levels.

Shop from Your Phone

Amazon made quite a stir when they created their Price Check app which allows users to snap pictures of products or bar codes to compare prices from local stores with prices on Amazon. This is much faster than pulling up the Amazon website on your phone and searching for the product.

This type of app can save you a lot of money, but it also saves you time. For instance, imagine standing in a local store looking for a protein powder to help you lose weight. There are protein powders for women who want to lose weight, but the best ones aren’t commonly available in local stores. You can use the Amazon app not only to compare prices but to compare your options on the spot.

Click here if you need to gain weight instead and do like to try out some protein powders.

You don’t have to run back to the store if you research online later and realize the best option was offered locally. This applies to any product that you may want to buy from electronics to cookies.

Financial Integrity from Your Phone

Have you heard about virtual banking? Yes, your local banks all have apps that help you check your balance and move money around, but what if your bank didn’t even have a local branch? Virtual banks that charge no fees are now becoming available, such as the recently-unveiled Simple.

Not only does this virtual bank allow you to do everything a local bank would do but without waiting in line or paying fees, but it makes it easy to save for big purchases. You can set up big-purchase goals and have your money automatically situated to reach those goals. It is even possible to send money to someone sitting across the dinner table with you instantly, as long as they are a Simple customer.

There are also many apps available that help you budget or find investment opportunities. Likefolio even allows you to make investment decisions based on brand names mentioned in social media. That isn’t something you may want to do as a complete beginner, but it is a fun app for those interested in staying ahead of the game when it comes to stock investments.

The way you bank and the things you do to stay healthy impact your life in a significant way, even if you don’t think about the impact too often. As technology continues to expand, there is no guessing what apps may offer in the years to come.

How a Muscle Building App Can Help You Get in Better Shape

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In case you will like to build muscles getting a muscle building app will help you a lot. This is possible because after you get the app you will access necessary tips that will guide you in your process of trying to build muscles. Remember not all activities that you may try to carry out as a way of trying to build muscle will actually lead you to building the right type of muscle. Instead of working in a state where you do not know what to do and what to avoid, after you access the app you will access all the information easily. There are many apps available which you can use but it is advisable for you to try and look for the best app that is known to deliver results. You can easily know about such an app after you take your time and read reviews about several apps available online.

The following are ways on how a muscle building app can help you get in better shape:

1 – Getting Advice on the Best Exercises

For you to get better shape you need to carry out certain exercises. There are different types of exercises available which you can carry out some of which will be appropriate for ladies while others are suitable for men. There are also others which will enable you exercise certain parts of your body. After you decide to get an app you will receive necessary tips on the best exercises that you will work out that will lead you to getting the best body shape that you will admire.

A muscle building exercise will offer you necessary tips on the best foods for you to take in order to gain good shape
Not all foods that you may be eating are the best for you to build good body shape. After you download the app you will have an opportunity of accessing necessary information from experts on the best foods that you should be eating for you to develop good shape. The app will also offer you necessary advice on the right amount of food that you will eat so that you will be able to balance between your workouts and the foods that you consume for you to enjoy developing great shape.

2 – A Reminder to Carry out the Exercises

After you decide to make use of an app that will offer you a certain program that you will use in working out, you will really enjoy where you will be able to balance your time that you will use in working out and the one that you will be required to use in other activities. This will avoid you cases where you will end up failing to carry out exercises regularly which can lead you to accessing less results unlike a case where the app will have offered you a strict program that you will follow.

Should You Be Using A Laptop Cooling Pad?

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Over the past few years, laptop computers have become progressively more powerful. That’s great because it means that you can basically have desktop computing power in a portable device which you can carry with you wherever you need it.

However, there’s always a downside, and in the case of modern laptops it is the fact that more power means more heat generated. In addition to the generation of excess heat, laptops tend to be fitted with smaller fans than the equivalent desktop computers. It’s just a matter of lack of available space.

Add these two factors together and it’s hardly surprising that modern, powerful laptops tend to get so hot. Despite their name, they can actually be quite uncomfortable to use balanced on your lap.

And unfortunately, it’s not just a matter of excess heat causing discomfort for the user. Most electrical and electronic devices tend to fail due to thermal ageing. The hotter they get, the shorter their life is. In fact it’s not a linear relationship between heat and life expectancy, it’s exponential. A small increase in temperature can lead to a dramatic shortening of working life.

Fortunately for laptop users there is a simple solution – use a laptop cooling pad. These help to keep your laptop running cooler and more efficiently, and will prolong its working life. In this case, the exponential relationship works in your favour – a small temperature reduction can lead to a considerable extension of the working lifespan of your laptop.

There are two different types of laptop cooling pads – active and passive. Either one will help your laptop to run cooler, the best choice will depend upon your circumstances, the type of laptop you have and the way that you use it.

Passive laptop coolers simply provide sufficient space beneath your laptop for air to circulate and get into the cooler inlet vents. They have no fans – so they draw no power and generate no noise.

As a rule, these are fine for lower powered laptops, or even for high powered laptops which aren’t in constant use. They tend to be fairly small and portable – so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Active laptop coolers are fitted with one or more fans which blow air into the cooling vents in your laptop, thereby cooling it better and dropping the operating temperature. The power to drive the fans is normally supplied via a connection to a usb port in your laptop.

These are ideal for users of powerful laptops, but they might also be appropriate for lower powered laptops which are used for long periods of time – say more than three hours at a sitting.

Most active laptop cooling pads have fans which blow air vertically upwards, and that’s good for the large majority (over 90%) of laptops. Most laptops have cooling air intake vents on their underside with the cooling exhaust vents being fitted on the side.

However, a small number of laptops actually expel air downwards from the underside of the laptop. If you have one of these then you will want a laptop cooling pad which sucks air out from under the laptop rather than blowing it upwards (which would be against the normal flow of the cooling air).

You can usually tell which type of laptop you have just by holding your hand near the side vent. If you can feel hot air then that is the exhaust vent and a fan blowing vertically upwards would be best for you.

You can also hold a piece of single ply tissue near the vents on the underside if you want to be absolutely sure. If it’s an intake vent, the tissue will be drawn towards the laptop. If it is blown away from the laptop, then it’s an exhaust vent.

Laptop cooling pads can be found for just a few dollars. When you consider how much your laptop, not to mention the data stored on it, is worth to you, it makes a lot of sense to consider using one.

Which Is The Most Popular Tablet Computer?

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If you were to ask someone “which is the best tablet computer?” right now, you would probably get a fiercely partisan answer. Some personal electronics are very personal – mobile phones and tablet computers seem to fall into this camp. There’s an almost tribal vibe going on with these devices.

Whilst it might be a pointless exercise to speculate upon which tablet computer is best, “which tablet computer is the most popular?” is a question that can be addressed a little more dispassionately. Here are the most popular tablet computers based on sales volume – be prepared for one or two surprises.

1. Apple iPad
No big surprises here – Apple still rules the roost with its Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini. Apple’s iPad tag team accounted for 36% of all tablet sales in 2013.

That’s down a little from the 53% of worldwide sales that Amazon enjoyed during 2012, but competition is much fiercer now. Sales of over a third of the market are impressive, whatever way you look at it.

What may be slightly surprising is the fact that the iPad Mini is now selling more than the “full size” iPad. Apple fans seem to be hugely impressed with the Apple Pocket rocket – especially since the introduction of the “Retina” model at the end of 2013.

It’s lightweight, portable and easy to use with one hand – and, whether you agree that it’s the “best” tablet or not, indisputably the most popular tablet computer in the world right now.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Android tablets accounted for 62% of the market during 2013, outselling Apple’s iOS tablets for the first time ever. Whilst iOS sales are basically iPads, the Android share is divided amongst a large number of different suppliers.

In 2013, Samsung were the leaders of the Android pack – by a long way. Samsung’s 2013 market share was an impressive 19.1% (up from 7.4% in 2012). They do appear to be closing the gap on Apple at a rate of knots.

Samsung’s range of tablet computers is huge. They offer a massive range of tablets from 7″ up to 12″. It’s hard to pick out one tablet from the Samsung range – but the most popular at the moment is probably the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7″ model.


Trailing in a rather distant third place, ASUS grabbed 5.6% of the tablet market in 2013, marginally up from their 2012 share of 5.4%.

The best, and probably most popular, ASUS model is the “Google” Nexus 7″, but it has some other noteworthy tablets in its range at the moment. The T100 Transformer Book, for example, has proven to be a big hit with users who want the portability of a tablet with the benefit of a QWERTY keyboard on occasion.

4. Amazon Kindle Fire

There are times when it seems hard to turn on the TV without seeing Amazon’s Kindle Fire range being advertised, so it’s maybe just a little surprising to find Amazon languishing in fourth place. It might also come as a surprise to find that Amazon’s share of the tablet market dropped from 6.6% in 2012 to 4.8% in 2013.

Nevertheless, consumers who use Amazon a lot, and especially those who are Amazon Prime members, find the Fire to be an attractive proposition. The kindle Fire HDX 7″ model is probably the pick of the bunch right now.

5. Lenovo

With a 3.3% share of the market in 2013 – up from 1.9% in 2012 – Lenovo may be something of a surprise entry in the popularity stakes at number five.

Lenovo manufacture a fair number of tablet computers, but it’s the Lenovo Yoga tablet, paired with a matching optional keyboard more often than not, that is boosting their popularity right now.

6. Other Manufacturers

If your own personal favourite hasn’t made the most popular list, there’s no need to be downcast. At the moment “other manufacturers”, none of which account for more than 3.0% of the market individually, are taking an impressive 31% of all tablet computer sales.

Some of these are cheap imports, but this sector also includes giants such as Microsoft, HP and Dell – some of whom will almost certainly be making sure that they get “their share” in future.

Watch out for a growth in the popularity of Windows tablets in particular over the next 12 months.

Comparing Knife Comparison Websites

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Getting the best deal and making your money go the furthest it possibly can is something that’s always at the forefront of any shoppers mind. Before, shoppers had to trawl through countless websites comparing product after product, price after price, shipping estimates on shipping estimates and delivery charges on top of delivery charges. Well since the seemingly endless expansion of the internet, shopping has become both easier yet more difficult. With absolutely anyone capable of setting up an online store these days, your amount of choice has gone through the roof, and the best deals aren’t always harder to find. Well, until recently.

In recent years, many companies have taken to creating price and feature comparison websites, as well as whole websites dedicated to helping customers find the best deals for products. I’m sure that you have been aware of such comparison websites, particularly when you are looking for insurance, credit cards and loans. Where before comparison sites were restricted to these themes, recent expansions have seen them take a whole new role when it comes to helping us part with our hard earned money. Currently, comparison sites still really only dominate insurance and credit cards, but there’s more and more momentum being placed into a more away from just that one niche in the market…

Take one of my personal favorites, Hot UK Deals. This deals website allows everyday shoppers like you and me to post what they think are bargain prices for products. Other users can then vote on whether they think it’s a “hot” deal, or a “cold” deal i.e. not a bargain. Each deal then gets an overall temperature, helping you gauge which deals are the best. With handy sections for hottest deals of the day, week, month and year, the site ticks all the boxes. That’s without mentioning the mobile site and dedicated iOS and Android apps, which which you can chose to have deals containing certain keywords pushed to your handset before they expire.

These advancements have also taken shape in other websites, and I’m sure many sites will be adopting a similar approach in the years to come. It’s only a matter of time before the ease of finding the best deals kills the high street, unless of course it’s those retailers offering hot, hot prices. The tech revolution’s reach seems to be spreading much further than originally expected, and I for one am loving the direction that it’s going in. The further these comparison and bargain hunting sites can spread the better in my opinion.

Another great comparison site they’ve managed to spread themselves to is the Folding Knife HQ, which is full of deals, reviews and useful information, in readable articles such as this.

Using this comparison website has helped me fill the void for a folding knife tool in my life. As an tech professional, I’m not adverse to modding hardware, and to do this I’m going to need some tools. Where precision tools are recommended, sometimes you just need a good, old fashioned folding knife to cut through those cables or pry apart an enclosure. Where they may not be as pretty as the precision tools, they are just as if not more effective in places. Check out their website if you have a similar void to fill.

Online Shopping: Getting the Best Deals on Everything You Need for Your Home

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Shopping today is nothing like it was like even just a few years ago. Now, you don’t even have to get in your car and go shopping from place to place to find the best deals. Thanks to all of the technological developments emerging today, you can just sit back and compare any products that you’re interested in without the hassle of traditional shopping.

Best Price Comparison Sites and Apps Today

No one can ignore the true power of the online shopping realm. The convenience of the entire experience is enough to draw most people in, whether they’re shopping for high-quality cookware on sites like this or if they just can’t make up their minds and are starting from scratch and visiting stores to view pots and pans in person. The best part? Many of these sites are also available in the app store, meaning that you can also use them on your iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device.

1. Slickdeals – Many sites today are fueled by users and Slickdeals is one of them. Slickdeals allows users to post deals that they know to the site, sharing them with other users and making it easier to find deals and look up deals if you’re interested on something from a specific site.

2. RetailMeNot – RetailMeNot is another major player in the online shopping realm, making it simple for people to find active coupons and the specifications for coupon use all in one convenient location. This means that you can compare the deals you would get on various sites for the high-quality products you’re on the hunt for.

3. – is another great deals site, as it collects coupons from all across the web and also compiles them in just one place. You can use these coupons either in store or online so you can always go and check out the items you want to buy before you do.

4. PriceBlink – PriceBlink is one of our personal favorites because it sets up alerts when you’re online shopping if a better deal can be found elsewhere. This helps you avoid the mistake of buying something, thinking that you’re getting a good deal, to then later realize that you could have gotten a lower price elsewhere.

5. RedLaser – RedLaser is one of the best apps that you can use if you’ve already went to a store to look at the item that you’re interested in in person. By just scanning the barcode of the item with this application, you can compare prices at multiple stores to know where you should buy it from in order to get the best deal.

Shopping Made Easy

Of course, we’re fans of everything related to developments in the technological field, especially when it comes to apps. However, visiting stores is becoming increasingly obsolete, especially when you can turn to cookware review sites, to go off of the example we provided above, or review sites for whatever you might be shopping for. This gives you real user reviews that make it easier to pick a set than if you were to go to the store and simply stare at your options.

Isn’t technology wonderful?

Get rid of outdated gear and Increase your Productivity

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Technology moves fast.

Remember that fancy 500gb harddrive that you got 5 years ago? It was top of the line then, but now it’s just a big clunker that’s out shined by your smaller, higher capacity external drives.

It’s good to purge, it’s good to clean out shop. Not just because it feels nice to get rid of all that extra stuff. It also makes room for new gear while padding your wallet to handle your next splurge.

Of course we all want to declutter. But we’re lazy about it.

Well let’s talk motivation.

Unfortunately, unless you’re looking to hold onto your gear for a LONG time; it’s not going to increase in value anytime soon.

That 40 inch vizio might still be relatively up to date; and worth $400 because of it. But give it one year, just one year, and it’ll be worth $200. Maybe even less.

Those hard drives you have. They’re still alright right now. But those new solid states? That’s the future. You’d be best off to head to Amazon and trade in your gear now and save up for the future. Or spend it now, considering the future is already here.

Maybe your not ready to upgrade. Maybe you don’t even want to; the thought of buying more stuff might even make you shudder.

Now why might this be? I’m going to take a guess that no ones visited your room for a long time… Has it got bad enough that you’d consider yourself a hoarder even? Is there a half eaten cup o’ noodle somewhere under your desk that you know you should have cleaned up 6 months ago but the daunting task of cleaning your way towards it has kept you at bay?

My friend, it’s time to clean house. You might not want to buy more stuff for your man cave; but you know that you sure need to get rid of some of what you have.

But you don’t have to just throw everything out (I hope not at least). If you dust off that Seagate 1 terabyte drive you got from Amazon that you have no use for anymore, well you might just be able to sell it or trade it in.

After that you’re $70 richer. What will you do with that $70? Well that’s up to you. You could spend it on some dish soap or clorox wipes. Then maybe you’ll have a chance at finishing up the deep clean.

But maybe you don’t want to focus on the small things. Maybe you’re ready to travel. Maybe your just ready to move. Maybe you’ve been ready for awhile, but the state of affairs in your dusty basement has held your ankles like a ball and chain.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, do it with pride and know that you’re moving forward with your life. You’re lightening your load and surely heading to some greener pastures.

The Story of How Software Ended Up in Our Vacuum Cleaners

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While we normally spend time on this blog talking about the advtanges and conveniences afforded by computer hardware and software, there are many other areas where technological advances are just starting to find their ways into our homes and lives.

A prime example of this is with home and kitchen ware items. Just when you think that you’ve seen everything and there’s no possibilities for advancement in this technology, products hit the market which push the envelope even for the most seasoned of tech.

An example would be the vacuum cleaner, believe it or not.

Using traditional vacuum cleaners can be very strenuous at times. The traditional types are very heavy and not easy to transport. Plus, there’s always that darn cord there to contend with.

For those and other reasons, the stick vacuum represents a huge leap forward and technological advancement for the vacuum.

Stick vacuums are one of the cordless cleaners that offer more and efficient ways of cleaning that the traditional vacuums cannot offer.

In fact, there are many parallels between how stick vacuums are disruptive technology in the homemaking market with software and hardware advancements in computing.

For example, let’s list the problems with traditional, corded vacuums. It helps to think of these as “mainframes” from the 1960s and how different those were form the mobile computing options available today:

- Traditional vacuums with cords waste time and drain energy at the same time. Looking for a jack to plug the cord into is always irritating.
- Sometimes the cord does not stretch far enough which frustrates the cleaner most times.

Now, in comparison to the new technology of the stick vacuum:

- The size is also manageable which makes storage easy.
- These cleaners are very flexible.
- They can be used on a variety of surfaces such as wooden floors, which traditional ones cannot perform well.
- Corners, sofas, bed mattresses and baseboards can also be cleaned easily using this type of vacuum cleaner.

What’s more, stick vacuums are made in such a way that they sit upright vertically. They allow the user to easily wheel it around without bending or carrying additional items on your back (like the cords).

Moreover, using embedded software and sensors, stick vacuums have check bag indicators that notify the user when the dust bag is full.

They say software is eating the world…well, now it looks like software is cleaning it too!

It also has self-sealing bags and buttons which are easy to reach. They provide extraordinary suction power making this type of vacuum cleaner outperform the traditional ones. It has a wind tunnel that gives a good edge cleaning. This will make short work of cat fur, dirt, cat litter, sand and popcorn since it provides little challenge for the brush system. The cordless brush system is easily adjustable by finger control. It therefore makes the transition of carpet to hardwood floors and vice versa easy. The stick have a large dirt canister, which is easy to remove and empty.

When it comes to color and style, there are many that a person can choose from. This is because the manufactures understand that the majority of the users are women. The colors range from orange to bright pink to more traditional colors like black and white. Your preference will be definitely be found. Las escobas electricas comes with a lithium-ion battery that maintains power over ninety percent of the battery charge. This enables provision of constant power when vacuuming. The lithium-ion battery is easy to remove from the vacuum cleaner and fit into the charger.

La escoba electrica — as they say south of the border — are also very cheap compared to traditional vacuums considering the extent and the convenience of cleaning that it comes with. Stick vacuum cleaners are a good investment for anyone who wants flexibility and efficiency in their cleaning.

When you take all these factors into consideration, it’s easy to see the parallels between stick vacuums to traditional vacuum cleaners with software and internet services taking out former brick and mortar industries. It’s yet another example and lesson of the long-reaching arm of technology.

The stick vacuum — a destructive industry in its own!

Apps for Controlling Ableton Live with iOS

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Anybody who enjoys making music on their computer with Ableton Live knows that inspiration doesn’t always wait till you’re in the studio! Sometimes you can be walking through the park, sitting in a cafe, or riding the subway when that melody pops into your head and you need to lay it down before it’s gone. Unfortunately not everybody carries around a MIDI controller everywhere they go. It’s times like these that you need to be able to control your DAW with your phone, or iPad.

Well, now you can!

In the past couple of years, developers have been working hard to get some great options out there for Apple and Android users to control Ableton with the use of their mobile devices. Below are a few of the top rated apps available that will ensure that you never miss a beat again!


TouchAble is the iOS only app which has both iPad and iPhone or iPod versions of the program. Produced by Berlin based Zerodebug, TouchAble has an expansive list of features, including: navigation, a resizable keyboard, dedicated views, MIDI note editor, adjustable velocity, auto mapping and so much more!


Conductr is a streamlined approach to controlling Ableton Live. Simplifying the interface through separate viewing modes, which can be easily switched on a dime, means that you only see what you are working on without all the extra features that you are not using at the moment. Modes can be changed without interfering with track play, allowing the user total control at all times.
The clips module gives users access to the clips grid which they can easily navigate with the simple two finger swipe. The mixer module puts the track’s volume, mute, and faders to the forefront, which is great for live sets and producing a real feeling track because everything is happening in real time.
The only downside is that Conductr is also an iOS only application with no known plans to migrate to Android devices in the near future.


LIVKONTROL, however, is an Android and iOS friendly app. This controller has got a little bit of everything. Great for live performances it has complete access to track parameters, faders, volume, as well as a huge bank of MIDI features like pads and sliders. Essentially this app will mimic the feel of a controller like the Novation LaunchPad, or Albeton Push controller.
What’s great about this is that with such a diverse set of features you can create almost unlimited sounds through the samples available on Ableton. Great for on-the-go production and producing unique synthesized sounds at the drop of a hat.


TouchOSC is a great application designed for those users who know their DAW inside and out. Control OSC (open sound control) and other MIDI functions either through plugged connectivity, or over wifi for any other major DAWs such as: Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton, Reason, Fruity Loops, Reaper, Native Instruments and so many more.
Again, this is an iOS only product, but it’s a must have for anybody moving into the advanced area of MIDI control.

While all of these apps are going to rock your world when it comes to mobile MIDI control, they all also come with a price. Ranging anywhere from $9.99 to $29.99, these apps are more than simple toys, they are a way for you to record your ideas on the go.

Going Through Some General Statistics

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Sitting in my office as the aroma of coffee fills the room, I am reading a recent Google report that says only 17% of the tech roles around the world are filled with women. I am surprised, and frankly quite disappointed.  I call my colleagues to take a look at the report as I head to the corner of the room where we recently installed the best drip coffee maker to keep our caffeine levels high. That is when I realize this must go on our blog.  So here I am, a male software engineer, writing about the male domination that underlines the world of technology unlike some other professions today.

An issue that needs to be raised:

You might find women like Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer leading companies like Facebook and Yahoo in the present world. However, what some might not be aware of is that they make the exceptions, not the norm. Currently, my team consists of four tech professionals. Two of them happen to be the most capable women I have ever met. Unlike most men, I am not ashamed to say that my female colleagues are more efficient and productive than me. In fact, it is not the case with my team only. According to a study by Net Impact, one third of the women are more suited for jobs that are meant to have an impact or make a difference, as compared to 17% men only. It can be visibly inferred from this that women are more prone to be productive at meaningful jobs and have a larger tendency to get incentive when their job is about something higher than themselves.

As my female colleagues sit across from me, urging us to get those electric meat smokers out this weekend and host an office barbecue, I wonder what could be the reason for women lagging behind in tech industry. One fairly obvious reason is that women are known to be generally lesser interested in technological advances and tech industry as compared to men. If we look at statistics in the professions of law and medicine, we see staggering rises in the number of females. However, tech industry remains a profession where most women choose to stay dependent on the men.

My purpose and take home message:

The primary reason I am writing this article today is to convince women who are craving to make an impact, that technology is where you can begin with. A simple line of code is all you need; if you are good then a simple line of code is all you need to make an impact across the globe. There is no reason why women can’t be as good as men when it comes to coding and programming. Especially with all the help available online, the online courses and programming clubs, women have the ability to step up their game and be a part of one of the most important and highly evolving industry today. It is high time technology, like medicine and law, starts benefiting with the contributions of women as well.